Who said you had to leave your favorite town to go on vacation?

Now you don’t! Here are some day plans for anyone who wants to have fun, relax, or hang out with friends in the comfort of a small town.

Check out our Community Events Calendar for fun events you can incorporate to your day-cation.


Ridgefield has beautiful wineries all throughout and around the city. If you love wine, go winery-hopping!

On the Weekend, you can head out to the various wineries around Ridgefield. You can check out all our different wineries on the website here to include in your day-cation.

  • One winery you can head out to is the Windy Hills Winery (3 miles from downtown, an 8-minute drive). They once were known as the Windy Hills Christmas Tree Farm. They create a year-round setting for people to gather from near and far. They have a bright, rustic tasting room that is open Friday through Sunday with outdoor seating during the warm summer months. Their wines consist of earthy reds, bright whites and rose.
  • After relaxing at the Windy Hills Winery, head down to the next winery at Stavalaura (3 miles from Windy Hills Winery, a 7-minute drive). The first Piont Noir vines were planted in 2003 by the owner and winemaker, Joe Leadingham, and his daughter, Laura, for her high school horticulture project. The vines produced such delicious fruit that Joe was inspired to plant more vines on the family land. Joe named the winery after his three granddaughters, Stacy, Valerie, and Laura. The vineyard currently produces three wines: Pinot Noit, Zweigelt, and Golubok.
  • After a day of tasting local wines with pastoral views, head into the downtown area to get some dinner! Vinnie’s Pizza, a family owned restaurant right on Main Ave, serves authentic Italian food that will satisfy all your pizza and pasta cravings.
  • If it’s a Saturday night, head down to Three Brothers Vineyard & Winery (6.5 miles from downtown Ridgefield) for Trivia Night. You can play in teams or as individuals. No fee to join, general trivia questions from 10 categories, and there is a weekly prize to the winner. Three Brothers Vineyard & Winery doesn’t only offer their award-winning wine, they also have a delightful menu of food perfectly paired with their wines.
  • Then, wrap up your night by going to see a show at the Old Liberty Theater, also located on Main Ave (a short walk from Vinnie’s Pizza). It is a historic landmark  that was built in 1946 by Red and Sue Hicks in memory of their son, Frank, who was killed in an accident during WWII. Now serving as a coffee shop and theater, they showcase artists from around the world! Check out their schedule here for shows.

***Tip: Try out one new winery every Friday or Saturday to save money and have a fun experience at the end of the work week. 

Please drink responsibly and have a designated driver.

For the History & Art Loving Foodie

For those who love food, there are great locations around town to test out your taste buds, so make a day out of it!

  • Start your day off with a cup of coffee from Lava Java. It is located just 7 minutes away from downtown. They serve hand-crafted boutique coffees from around the world. These specialty coffees are roasted fresh and locally by Stumptown coffee Roasters.
  • After getting coffee, head to downtown Ridgefield for self guided Historic Walking Tour. Downtown Ridgefield is home to many historical sites, including homes, churches, theaters, and banks. The original inhabitants of the Ridgefield area were a Chinook tribe whose village was located along the banks of Lake River with 14 plankhouses and an estimated 900 inhabitants. The Lewis & Clark expedition visited the area twice, once in 1805 en route to the Pacific Ocean and on their return voyage in 1806. The Chinook Indians stayed until 197 when they relocated to the mouth of the Lewis River due to flooding issues. The self-guided tour begins at Ridgefield Hardware Store (which was constructed by the Independent Order of Oddfellows in 1914) and ends at the now Plas Newydd Farm (which was then the Lancaster Home).
  • After the tour, pick up some food for a lunch picnic at  Zebrun’s Starliner, a family owned and operated grocery store/deli that has served the community for over five decades and is known for their made-to-order sandwiches.
  • After getting lunch, you can take another walk around town to check out all the amazing art work local artists have put up.
    • Starting at the Overlook Park:
      • The Native American art panels near the back of the stage were designed by local artist Adam McIsaac and manufactured at Fouch Electric by Danny Knutson. Native Americans living in the area believed that humans, animals, and the environment are connected and not separate entities, and with the addition of the glass faces the representation of this relationship is complete. Its purpose is to connect the community with the refuge and serve as a welcome center for visitors to our community.
      • The life-size grizzly bear and leaping salmon bronze sculpture near the end of the pathway were cast in 100% bronze. The one-of-a-kind piece was donated by local artist Dan “Ratso” Ratermann in 2015.
      • The Wings of the World sculpture was created by Artist Sharon Agnor to commemorate the lives and efforts of five significant people who had the vision for and helped create Overlook Park: Allene Wodeage, Jim Maul, Sydney Reisbeck, Amy Montoya and David Dines. The sculpture stands 15 feet tall and is made of stainless steel and glass. Glass panels shaped like bird wings depict scenes that represent different parts of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. Underneath the panels steel feathers and trios of swifts extend 3 and 4 feet from the pole, are kinetic and turn when the wind blows. The sculpture reminds us what the efforts of just a few people can do to change a community and have an impact on an entire region.
    • Next, Downtown Ridgefield is home to several murals
      • Check out the beautiful mural painted by students at Ridgefield High School. The project was completed during the City’s first Youth Arts Month. Murals on the side of the Ridgefield School District Maintenance building depict local history. And a mural on the side of a downtown Restaurant shows a location and previous restaurant name.
      • How many can you find?
    • If it’s March, you can check out the Youth Arts Month which represents a partnership between Ridgefield School District and the Ridgefield community, encouraging young people to take part in artistic endeavors including literary, visual, musical, and performing arts. Visit the website for a complete calendar of events.
    • You can then end your day at El Rancho Viejo. It’s located on 3rd Ave, where the Reflector Newspaper started in 1909! If your day isn’t over, you can travel next door to the Hookum Micro- Brewery. It is the first brewery in downtown Ridgefield. A family-friendly space, sit inside or out on the patio while sipping on original brews.

***Tip: To save money, eat out once a week instead of all in one day. You’ll also have something to look forward to each week!


Treat yourself and relax…without going far away!

  • Start off your spa-day with a coffee and a handmade bakery treat from Season’s Coffee Shop in the lobby of the Old Liberty Theater on Main Ave! They have a variety of delicious coffees and teas to choose from, along with ice cream cones and smoothies!
  • Ridgefield offers a variety of hairdressing salons you can choose from:
    • Main Street Studio is located right across the street from Season’s Coffee Shop. They offer men and women haircuts, colors and massages!
    • Mirror Salon is an 8-minute drive from the downtown area to the junction and they offer men and women haircuts & color, Brazilian blowouts, skin, eyelash, facials, and waxing services.
    • Dharma Salon is located near the industrial area about 10 minutes away. They offer men, women, and children haircuts and colors, waxing, and makeup services!
  • Next, you can go to Emmy’s Nails and Spa. It is located off Main Ave next to Vinnie’s Pizza. They provide relaxing manicure, pedicure, facial and waxing services.

  • If you really want to treat yourself, schedule a massage at any of Ridgefield’s multiple massage studio:
    • Main Street Studio
    • Ridgefield Chiropractic and Massage: Here, you can get a Chiropractic doctor to care for any pain you may have; including back pain, neck pain, and headaches. You can also go in for a massage, where they do a full-body session that will include work on your back, arms, legs, feet, hands, head, neck and shoulders.
    • Sage Organics: Laurie Lanza is a licensed esthetician and massage therapist. She is passionate about her wellness. Her primary product line is Eminence Organics, a triple certified organic facial line from Hungary. She also carries PCA SKIN products for those who desire chemical peels.
    • After a day of self-care, enjoy a from-scratch meal at the End of the Road Grill, located on Pioneer, to end off your day right! End of the Road Grill serves Burgers and Hot & Cold Sandwiches.

***Tip: you can make this a fun day for any celebration, like a birthday, or a just a day with friends!

Nature Lover

If you love the outdoors then this day-cation is for you!

  • Begin the day by walking to the Ridgefield waterfront right off Division Street for a kayak, boat, or SUP adventure on Lake River! Kayaks and SUP boards can be rented from Alder Creek/Ridgefield Kayak, or you can bring your own.
    • Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge has approximately 200 bird species that have been observed on the Refuge. As you are paddling your way around, can you spot the different bird species?
    • For a more extensive water tour, take your boat on Lake River and follow this extensive sightseeing guide for more information about the birds, wildlife and history of the area!
  • Afterwards, you can grab some chicken strips from the Ridgefield Pioneer Marketplace, right on the corner of Pioneer St and Main Ave, locally known as the corner store. Built in 1929, it became a grocery store in 1944. They carry a wide variety of products including grocery items, produce, candy, snacks, household items, and delicious deli food. With your food, you can walk to Davis Park on Main Ave to eat at one of the picnic tables while children can play on the play structure. Or you can take your food to Lake River water front and enjoy a nice picnic beside the lake. You can even jump in for a swim!
  • After lunch, you can then drive to the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge offers you a few options to explore the outdoors:

1) go on the Oaks to Wetlands Hike at the Main Avenue entrance. The trail is graced by many magnificent Oregon white oaks that have weathered the centuries. This trail is open year-round during daylight hours and provides both short and longer hiking opportunities.


2) take a hike on the Kiwa Trail Hike at the Auto Tour entrance. This trail is adjacent to Oregon ash stands, sloughs, seasonal wetlands, and grasslands. The Oregon ash trees are excellent for cavity nesting birds such as woodpeckers, white-breasted nuthatches, swallows, chickadees, and wrens. A close examination of the wetlands may even reveal bitterns, rails, and shorebirds. This trail is open from May 1st through September 30th.


3) drive along the Auto Tour Route. This 4-mile loop is the most popular destination of the Refuge and one of the best birding spots in the Portland-Vancouver area. The route transects fields, wetlands, sloughs, and forests. The Route is open daylight hour throughout the year; however, between October 1 and April 30, all visitors on the Auto Tour Route must remain in their vehicles due to the large flocks of ducks, geese, and swan using the Refuge during this period.


If it’s a summer weekend, you can visit the Cathlapotle PlankHouse. Since long-lived Chinookan Peoples of the Lower Columbia River have tended to the oak woodlands, camas fields, and wapato patches they have maintained the habitat for wildlife while supporting the lives of the people who called this place home. Based on the Chinookan village of Cathlapotle, the Plankhouse and the objects inside of it offer a tangible link to these original stewards and provides a unique site for the interpretation of our region’s natural and cultural heritage. *Note: Due to volunteer availability, please call ahead when planning your trip (360) 887-9495

  • After your time in nature, you can head back up into town and grab food from the Sportsman’s Steakhouse and Saloon! They offer Burgers, Chicken, Fish, Steak, Cocktails, Wine and Beer! If it’s a Wednesday night, they have Trivia Night!
    • ***Tip: Bring a friend who loves nature as much as you do, or a date!

For Teens


Bring your friends along for a fun day together!

  • Start your day off by grabbing some friends and head down to the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. There, you can sign up for a GeoAdventure. The GeoAdventure allows participants to explore a Refuge trail playing the role of a biologist, geologist, or archeologist. Each participant is presented a small bag filled with mysterious objects including printed materials, natural objects, clues, and a journal. **You may need an adult with you to check out the equipment.
  • After your GeoAdventure, you and your friends can head back to downtown Ridgefield to grab something to eat at Vinnie’s Pizza!
  • After you guys eat, you can check out the local shops to find some unique knickknacks! Some of the stores you can check out is Lily Wiggins Antique Store or the Ridgefield Hardware Store. If you want to shop even more, make sure to check out the Farmer’s Market on Saturday to see what vendors are selling.
  • After all your shopping, you can stop by the Season’s Coffee or Zebrun’s Starliner for an ice cream cone or smoothie. You can then head down to Davis or Abrams Park to swing, play soccer, or ride your skateboard at skate park!
  • If you want to do other activities, you can check out the Ridgefield Community Library or the Ridgefield Arts Space. The Library is on Main Ave, and they offer various teen events. You can also check out a book and read it at Overlook Park. The Ridgefield Arts Space offers dance classes for every age. They have kids Hip-Hop, Tiny Dancers, and Ballet classes.

For Families

Ridgefield offers many options to get the kids out of the house and enjoy quality family time together!

  • Start you morning by grabbing a quick breakfast with the family downtown at Old Liberty Theater. If it’s a Saturday, you can check out the Farmer’ Market at Overlook Park to by unique goods and fresh produce.
  • If it’s a First Saturday, you can participate in the fun activities that are happening around town. There’s a scavenger hunt for kids, and a fun themed afternoon for everyone to enjoy! Check out our upcoming First Saturday events here.
  • If it’s a nice sunny day, or any day of the week, you can take the kids to grab some ice cream or a smoothie from Season’s Coffee or Zebrun’s Starliner.
  • If you head down to the waterfront, you can take a walk along the waterfront trail, an easy yet beautiful walk that’s perfect for kids. You can also head to the Public Boat Launch area for swimming in Lake River or just hang out on the large grass covered area by the water. Bring games for the family to play together!
  • Afterwards, you can go grab some chicken strips from the Ridgefield Pioneer Marketplace, right on the corner of Pioneer St and Main Ave, locally known as the corner store. Built in 1929, it became a grocery store in 1944. With your food, you can walk to Davis Park on Main Ave to eat at one of the picnic tables and kids can play on the play structures.
  • If it’s a Tuesday, check out our summer series of Tuesday’s in the Park at Davis Park. We show movies, have a family game night, and more!
  • Another great option for the family is the Practice Range at Tri-Mountain Golf Course. Every day after 3PM, kids (under 17 years old) play free with one paid adult. Tri-Mountain Golf Course is a 10-minute drive from downtown Ridgefield. The Practice Facility offers a full driving range, practice chipping and pitching green as well as a 9-hole putting course.
  • You can end the day with a nice dinner at Vinnie’s Pizza or El Rancho Viejo. Both are perfect for the family!