Who said you had to leave your favorite town to go on vacation?

Now you don’t! Here are some day plans for anyone who wants to have fun, relax, or hang out with friends in the comfort of a small town.

Check out our Community Events Calendar for fun events you can incorporate to your day-cation.


Ridgefield has beautiful wineries all throughout and around the city. If you love wine, go winery-hopping!

Check out all our different wineries on the website here to include in your daycation.

  • On the weekend, head out to Windy Hills Winery (3 miles from downtown, an 8-minute drive), a new, beautiful winery located just a few miles outside of downtown Ridgefield. Sample their locally made wines, talk to the amiable owners, and relax!
  • Then, check out Stavalaura (3 miles from downtown, an 8-minute drive), another winery just a couple of miles outside of downtown known for the personable owners and unique wines.
  • After a day of tasting local wines with pastoral views, head into the downtown area to get some dinner! Vinnie’s Pizza, a family owned restaurant right on Main Ave that serves authentic Italian food that will satisfy all your pizza and pasta cravings.
  • Then, wrap up your night by going to see a show at the Old Liberty Theater, also located on Main Ave (a short walk from Vinnie’s Pizza), a historic landmark built in 1946 by Red and Sue Hicks in memory of their son, Frank, who was killed in an accident during World War II. Now serving as a coffee shop and theater, they showcase artists from around the world! Check out their schedule here for shows.

***Tip: Try out one new winery every Friday or Saturday to save money and have a fun experience at the end of the work week. 

Please drink responsibly and have a designated driver.

For the History Loving Foodie

For those who love food, there are great locations around town to test out your taste buds, so make a day out of it!

  • Start off your day with a cup of Stumptown brewed coffee from Lava Java, a coffee shop located just 7 minutes away from downtown.
  • After getting coffee, head to downtown Ridgefield for self guided Historic Walking Tour.
  • Then, pick up some food for a lunch picnic at Zebrun’s Starliner, a family owned and operated grocery store/deli that has served the community for over five decades and is known for their made-to-order sandwiches.
  • Head down to the waterfront, take a walk down the newly paved waterfront trail that begins by the boat launch, find a nice spot in the grass, and lay in the sun (if it’s a nice day) to eat!
  • Enjoy a steak dinner at Sportsman’s Steakhouse & Saloon, a historic part of Ridgefield on Main Ave that used to be an old fashioned saloon before the days of prohibition. They have karaoke nights, live music, family nights, as well as delicious food with 100% certified Angus beef. Check out their Facebook page for events and special offers.
  • Still thirsty? Head over to  the new downtown Hookum Brewery for a micro-brew.
    ***Tip: To save money, eat out once a week instead of all in one day. You’ll also have something to look forward to each week!


Treat yourself and relax…without going far away!

  • Start off your spa-day with a coffee and a hand made bakery treat from Season’s coffee shop in the lobby of the Old Liberty Theater on Main Ave! and
  • Then, go get your hair done at one of Ridgefield’s hairdressing salons. Main Street Studio is located right across the street from Season’s coffee shop and offers hair and massage services. Mirror Salon is an 8 minute drive from the downtown area to the junction and they offer hair, skin, eyelash, and waxing services. Lastly, Dharma Salon, located near the industrial area about 10 minutes away, offers hair, waxing and makeup services! So find a salon you like and get a new ‘do!
  • Next, you can go to Emmy’s Nails and Spa, located off of Main Ave next to Vinnie’s Pizza, where they offer relaxing pedicures and manicures.
  • If you really want to treat yourself, schedule a massage at any of Ridgefield’s multiple massage studios, Main Street Studio, Ridgefield Chiropractic and Massage, or Sage Organics, who also offers facials and waxing services, and relax…ahhhh.
  • After a day of self-care enjoy a from-scratch meal at the End of the Road grill, located on Pioneer,to end off your day right!
    ***Tip: you can make this a fun day for any celebration, like a birthday, or a just a day with friends!

Nature Lover

If you love the outdoors then this day-cation is for you!

  • Start off the day by walking to the Ridgefield waterfront right off of Division Street for a kayak, boat, or SUP adventure on Lake River! You can rent kayaks and SUP boards from Alder Creek/Ridgefield Kayak at the waterfront, or bring your own. Check out this paddling guide for information about where to go and what to see!
  • For a more extensive water tour, take your boat on Lake River and follow this extensive sightseeing guide for a information about the birds, wildlife and history of the area!
  • After your time on the water you can walk back up into town and grab food from El Rancho Viejo. On 3rd Ave, this restaurant was where the Reflector Newspaper started in 1909!
  • After lunch, drive to the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge has quite a few options, you could go on the Oaks to Wetlands hike at the Main Avenue entrance or the Kiwa trail hike at the Auto Tour entrance. If it’s a summer weekend, visit the Cathlapotle PlankHouse – a replica of a Chinookan village house.
  • If you want even more, go to Abrams park to walk through the trails, or play disc golf!
  • If it’s a nice day, grab some snacks and go lay out by Lake River or even jump in for a swim at the  public boat launch.
    ***Tip: Bring a friend who loves nature as much as you do, or a date!

For Teens


Bring your friends along for a fun day together!

  • Go shopping downtown at different shops like Lily Wiggins Antique Store, the Ridgefield Hardware Store (for some unique knickknacks!) to find something new. If you want to shop even more make sure you go to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday to see what vendors are selling.
  • Release your inner child by grabbing ice cream or a smoothie at Season’s Coffee or Zebruns’ Starliner and walking to Davis or Abrams park to swing, play soccer, or, ride your skateboard at the skate park!
  • Head over to Ridgefield Community Library on Main Ave and check out a book or participate in one of the many teen events. You can read it while sitting at Overlook Park, just a few blocks away.
  • Get your heart pumpin’ and try a workout class at NW Workouts Fitness Studio, right next to Main Street Studio on Main Ave. or at the Skate Park.
  • End the day by sharing a pizza from Vinnie’s Pizza!

For Families

Get the kids out of the house and enjoy quality family time

  • Enjoy a quick breakfast with the family downtown at Old Liberty Theater, and if it’s a Saturday, check out the Farmer’s Market at Overlook Park to buy unique goods and fresh produce.
  • If it’s a First Saturday, you can participate in the fun activities that are happening around town. There’s a scavenger hunt for kids, and a fun themed afternoon for everyone to enjoy! Check out our upcoming First Saturday events here.
  • Grab some ice cream or a smoothie from Season’s Coffee or Zebrun’s Starliner.
  • Head down to the waterfront and take a walk along the waterfront trail, an easy yet beautiful walk that’s perfect for kids.
  • Head out to the Public Boat Launch area for swimming in Lake River or just hang out on the large grass covered area by the water. Bring games for the family to play together!
  • Afterwards, go grab some chicken strips from the Ridgefield Pioneer Marketplace, right on the corner of Pioneer St and Main Ave, locally known as the corner store. Built in 1929, it became a grocery store in 1944. With your food, you can walk to Davis Park on Main Ave to eat at one of the picnic tables and kids can play on the play structures.
  • If it’s a Tuesday, check out our summer series of Tuesday’s in the Park at Davis Park. We show movies, have a family game night, and more!