Recreation Opportunities

There are numerous parks, trails, and other recreation opportunities in the City of Ridgefield and surrounding area.




The City of Ridgefield has several parks and facilities for the public to utilize and enjoy. Listed in the link above are the parks and their amenities.






Trails are an important recreation asset to Ridgefield. The goal of trails is  to develop a network of shared-use trails and bicycle and pedestrian corridors to enable connectivity between  parks, neighborhoods and public amenities.




Volunteers are vital to the success of the City’s commitment to keep parks open and well-maintained for all to enjoy.
Not only do volunteers provide invaluable support, but they also bring new ideas, energy, and a community perspective to the future of parks.


There are always events happening around Ridgefield. Check out our Community Events Calendar today to see what may interest you.


Through the community involvement, efforts associated with the Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Plan, a vision for the future of the City’s park system emerged:

Ridgefield envisions an interconnected community with a park, trail, and green way system that contributes to the City’s small town character, provides a variety of recreation opportunities, and is an integral part of the community. 

Ongoing projects for the City of Ridgefield are listed in the link above.



The Parks Board is comprised of seven volunteer citizens who advise the City Council on parks planning, parks acquisition, operations, and maintenance within the current and future city limits of Ridgefield. Eligible members include residents, property owners and business owners within the urban growth area of the City, as well as citizens residing within the boundaries of the Ridgefield School District.