Traffic Revision at 9th/Hillhurst and Pioneer Street

Beginning next Monday, October 16, traffic revisions will be implemented at the 9th/Hillhurst Avenue and Pioneer Street intersection in an attempt to keep vehicles moving at the start of school for View Ridge and Union Ridge. Temporary stop signs will be placed on Pioneer Street making it a 3-way stop for approximately one-half hour before school starts each morning. Outside of this time period, the stop signs will not be in place. For the first week of the traffic revision, Ridgefield police officers will continue to assist unless they are required to respond to a priority 911 call.

The City of Ridgefield has been working with the School District to maintain safe access to the schools for vehicles and pedestrians and to keep traffic flowing at the start of school. A variety of alternatives have been discussed, and the 3-way stop is the best option available at this time. This option will be implemented as a pilot program and will be adjusted as necessary. At the same time, the City and the District will continue to evaluate the situation for longer term solutions that will keep traffic moving and keep students safe.

Thank you for using extra caution as you drive through the area during school start times and adjust to the changed traffic pattern.