Due to Ridgefield’s continued growth, new homes are constantly being built all around town. Check out information on Neighborhoods and HOAs in the map below.

Select one of the outlines on the map to view HOA name and contact information. To search for a specific address, use the right hand icon to open the larger map and the search function will be available.

While we try to stay as up to date as possible, we may not always have the most current contact information for HOA’s. If you see incorrect information, please contact us so we can properly correct it.

You can download a map of neighborhoods here.

Homeowners’ Association (HOA)

A homeowners’ association (or HOA) is the governing body of the development or complex, usually comprising homeowners who have volunteered to serve on the HOA board. Most neighborhoods in Ridgefield have an HOA, and new subdivisions are required to have one. See RMC 18.620.145

HOA’s have rules called covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) that apply the all homeowners  and homes in the neighborhood. The CC&Rs might cover requirements about maintaining homes and landscaping, how many cars a homeowner can park, and whether property can be rented to someone else. Rules differ between different HOA-governed communities. The HOA has the authority to enforce the CC&Rs and to impose penalties for violations.

Homeowners are typically required to pay dues or association fees to the HOA. The dues are primarily used to maintain common areas such as walking paths or parks.

HOA’s benefit homeowners in a number of ways. If all the homeowners follow the rules, problems that plague some neighborhoods are avoided – such as trash piling up in someone’s yard or poor maintenance of gardens. Also, homeowners’ property values, based partly on neighborhood condition, remain stable.

The HOA’s and contact information for Ridgefield are:

Allen Canyon
No contact information at this time.

Bellwood Heights
No contact information at this time

Canyon View
Dave Cummings, President

Bruce Carpenter, Secretary

Canterbury Trails
Joe Potter

John LaPalm

Cassini View
Scott Ross

Cedar Creek
No contact information at this time.

Columbia Hills
Clarence Thomas

Dmitriy Karpenko

Discovery Ridge
c/o The Management Community
7710 NE Vancouver Mall Drive
Vancouver, WA 98662
POC: Melinda Ricondo

Garrison Ridge
No contact information at this time.

Green Gables
Jeff Smith

Hawks Landing
Casey Mollet, President

JaNae Ogden, Treasurer

Dustin Lawson, Secretary

Helen’s View
Jim Wilson

Heron Ridge
Rachel Niten, President
C/O Invest West Management
Melissa McDowell

Erin Nolan, President

Laurel Heights
Wayne Maio

Osprey Pointe
Matt Hagerty

Pioneer Canyon
Karol Cushenbery

Pioneer Place
No contact information at this time.

Pleasant Ridge
No contact information at this time.
Pleasant Ridge Maintenance Agreement
Pleasant Ridge Plat

Ridgefield Woods
Jared Coine, President

Mary Wright, Treasurer

David Nutter, Secretary

Taverner Ridge
Robert Young

Wishing Well Estates
Don Stose, President