Our Environment

Green Your Life

People have long been attracted to the Ridgefield area because of its high-quality natural environment. With the rapid growth that Ridgefield is experience, it is more important than ever for everyone to take steps to protect and strengthen that environment.

We all have a role to play in helping to conserve water. Saving water can be done with a few simple changes:

  • Fix Leaks - saves 110g each month.
  • Fill the bathtub halfway or less - saves 12 gallons per bath.
  • Recycle Indoor Water and Use for Plants - Saves gallons of water each month.
  • Install a high-efficiency toilet - saves 19 gallons per person, per day.
  • Turn off water when brushing teeth or shaving - saves 10 gallons per person per day.
  • Wash full loads of clothes and dishes - washer saves 15 to 45 gallons per load, dishwasher saves 5 to 15 gallons per load.
  • Install aerators - saves 1.2 gallons per person per day.
  • Reduce water use outside by installing drip irrigation and adding a smart controller, set mower blades to 3 inches, and reimagine your yard with water-wise plants.