Green Government

People have long been attracted to the Ridgefield area because of its high-quality natural environment. The City of Ridgefield recognizes the importance of the natural environment in contributing to economic development, community livability, and quality of life. Ridgefield is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment as the City meets its other community, economic development and housing and infrastructure goals. Policies related to this commitment can be found in the City's Comprehensive Plan (PDF), pages 45 through 50.

Some of the actions that Ridgefield has taken to protect the environment are listed on this page.

Critical Areas Ordinance

Ridgefield adopted a Critical Areas Ordinance to protect wetlands and shorelines, water bodies, groundwater and surface water, fish and wildlife habitats, and trees and other vegetation. Ridgefield Municipal Code (RMC) 18.810.

LED Lighting

The City uses energy efficient LED lights for street lighting.

Dark Sky Ordinance

Ridgefield adopted a dark sky outdoor lighting ordinance to provide regulations that help conserve energy and resources and protect wildlife; promote health, safety, security and productivity; and preserve the night time environment. The Ordinance is intended to minimize adverse offsite impacts including light pollution, light trespass, glare and night glow. Reducing light pollution increases the number of stars that can be seen at night and protects nocturnal animals including birds. The Ordinance also provides standards for appropriate lighting systems that will permit reasonable amounts of exterior lighting for night time safety, utility, security, productivity, enjoyment, and commerce. RMC 18.715 - Exterior Lighting.

Multi-Modal Plan

The Multi-Modal Plan (PDF) guides the development of a multimodal transportation system in the City that includes safe and convenient travel options for all residents and visitors including pedestrians, bicyclists, golf cart operators, drivers and transit users.

Commute Trip Reduction

The goals of this program are to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, and petroleum consumption through employer-based programs that decrease the number of commute trips. The Plan will be implemented in Ridgefield as major employers are established.

Mosquito Control District

The City works with the Clark County Mosquito Control District to control mosquitos in the City. The County mosquito crew conducts surveillance and abatement activities through the active mosquito season, usually April 1 through October 1, each year. The priority is to attack mosquitoes at their source, by treating mosquito larvae as they hatch. Control measures used by the crew comply with Environmental Protection Agency regulations. Biological control methods are used that have the least adverse effect on humans, pets, wildlife, and the environment. For more information, see the Clark County Mosquito Control District website.

Green Your Life

Read our guide for ways Residents and Homeowners can take steps to strengthen our environment.

Stormwater Management

View the City of Ridgefield Stormwater Management Plan (PDF) and read ways Homeowner's can help manage stormwater.

Explore Your Watershed

Ridgefield is in the West Slope Watershed - check out this interactive watershed map from Stormwater Partners to learn more about our Clark County watersheds.