Salary Commission


Salary Commission does not have a regular meeting schedule. The commission meets as often as necessary each year, first meeting no later than March 31.


PositionMemberTerm Expires
1Shaun FordDecember 31, 2026
2Darcy RourkDecember 31, 2026
3Samantha BoltonDecember 31, 2025
4Maria Swinger-InskeepDecember 31, 2025
5Josh ColemanDecember 31, 2026


The Ridgefield Salary Commission was created on April 24, 2014, as a five-member independent body with the authority to set the salary of the members of the Council. An independent salary commission studies the relationship of the Ridgefield City Council members' duties and salaries to Council members in comparable City jurisdictions and fixes salaries based on that comparison as well as the City's budget and other market conditions.

Details about the Commission are in the Ridgefield Municipal Code, Chapter 2.62

The Commission meets as often as necessary each year, with a first meeting no later than March 31, and actively solicits public comment for consideration when making a salary determination. The Commission files a salary schedule with the City Clerk on or before May 31 which is published in the same manner as a City ordinance. The salary schedule is then incorporated into the City Budget without further action of the City Council.