Roundabout Grapes & Wine

The grapes at the roundabouts on Pioneer at the intersections of 56th Place and 65th Avenue are more than just a welcoming landmark for Ridgefield – they are a symbol of our agricultural roots, local partnerships and spirit of community. 

The roundabouts were planted with Maréchal Foch grapes in 2015. The vines, and their accompanying “Welcome to Ridgefield” signs serve as unique landmarks representing our local wineries. When there is enough quality fruit, the grapes are harvested and wine produced and bottled by a local winery partner. The city stores the wine and uses it for community celebrations such as business grand openings and the annual Farm to Table dinner.

The wine produced from the roundabouts is truly a representation of the spirit of the Ridgefield community. The grape vines are maintained and harvested by volunteer efforts, the harvest then is given to a local winery to produce and bottle, and finally a unique wine label designed by a local artist is selected for each batch. 

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  • 2018 Ridgefield Roundabout Red, produced and bottled by Gougér Cellars Winery
  • 2021 Ridgefield Roundabout Red, produced and bottled by Windy Hills Winery
  • *2022 Ridgefield Roundabout Red, produced and bottled by 14 Acres Winery
  • *2023 Ridgefield Roundabout Rose, to be produced and bottled by 14 Acres Winery

*Label art not yet selected

Call to Artists

The City is now seeking unique artwork for the 2022 Ridgefield Roundabout Red and one for a 2023 Ridgefield Roundabout Rose. Read the Call to Artists and submit an application packet by 4:30PM on Monday, December 4.

2018 Ridgefield Roundabout Red

Produced and bottled: Gougér Cellars Winery
Label artist: Barbara Wright

Digital artwork of an oval surrounded by grape leaves with birds eating grapes from a grapevine.

2021 Ridgefield Roundabout Red 

Produced and bottled: Windy Hills Winery 
Label artist: Chizuru Johnson

A heron surrounds a circle of oranges, red, and golds.