Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Responsibilities

The Code Enforcement Officer is in charge of maintaining the safety, health, welfare and livability of Ridgefield's neighborhoods through the use of the Ridgefield Municipal Code. The goal of code enforcement is to gain voluntary compliance through education and assistance. If voluntary compliance cannot be achieved, civil and criminal charges may be given to the violator.

Report a City of Ridgefield Code Violation

For all vehicle and semi tractor/trailer complaints on public streets, please contact the Police Department at 360-887-3556.

For all animal complaints please contact the Police Department at 360-887-3556.

To verify that you are in the city limits or Ridgefield, Clark County GIS Property Information Center.

Inaccurate or incomplete information will delay or prevent further processing or investigating. Please provide as much information as possible when submitting a complaint. If additional information is required we will contact you.

Read The City of Ridgefield Municipal Code to see nuisances eligible for code enforcement.